Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A new thing.

Thank you for joining us as we launch our first blog. There is something very exciting about blogging of one's adventures in life and being able to share them with family, friends, and the world at large. The number one adventure of my every day is being a mom, which we know comes with a load of it's own challenges, but, the exciting aspect of this blog for me personally, is doing "mom" with all my might while experiencing the world with it's many journeys that are just laying in wait for us to embark upon.

 It has always been a dream of mine to see as many new places as I can, to meet people not only from my adjacent neighborhoods, but also to try and learn to speak as many languages as I can, to see first-hand how people live, eat, drink, commute, and socialize in other countries other than just my own. I want to watch how the sun rises and sets upon other cities at a different time than I know it is rising and setting where I live in Los Angeles. And, the very best part is having my girls by my side, enjoying themselves, and experiencing the world together.

This blog site will have posts from two moms, sharing our experiences from two different cultural perspectives which will make each post twice as exciting!!! I hope that you all will enjoy these posts as much as we will enjoy posting them.

We want to hear from you!
Share with us something that you have always wanted to try. Have you yet done it? If no, what do you think stands in the way of you reaching your goal?


  1. Hello, hello! Witajcie dziewczyny:-) Cieszę się, że jesteście, bo jestem pewna,że razem z Wami będę tu przeżywać wspaniałe przygody i te wielkie, i te dnia codziennego :-) Czekam na kolejne wpisy z zachwytem nad pięknem tego świata. Pozdrawiam i ściskam ciepło. Mama dwóch dziewczynek :-)

    1. Thanks Gosia for reading our post and beginning this wonderful journey with us. I look forward to more of you input in the future.

  2. this is so exciting. I can't wait to read about your adventures. Like you, I want to travel and learn, or just listen to and understand other languages.
    What has stopped me up to this point is belief that I can't do it. I do have real truths about means and ability, I'm a single parent with two young daughters, like you (you're not single).
    What I have come to accept is that my purpose is to care for my girls and to give them the best I have. This year promises to be BIG, my youngest is starting Soccer, and I'm looking into arts classes for my second. I am excited to put their needs to flourish and grow before my need to have something new every two years or so. BUT IF I HAD TONS OF MONEY, I'd hire a nanny and a traveling teacher and we'd be off... to visit you...
    So my dreams are the same, with a twist. I see that I only get to have this time with them once, Europe, Brazil, living in a camper while on a 3 month road trip through US and Canada will wait for now...

    1. I know that it may appear that our goals are many mile away from our present situation. Just keep dreaming and taking small steps everyday to give to your goals. Maybe consider starting with the goals you can accomplish with your girls, being both self-fulfilling and making fond memories. For instance, it could be something as simple as taking Italian lessons from a fellow co-worker or student in an exchange agreement. You keep us posted of the adventures you are creating for yourself in your own neighborhood.